The Eternal Soul

It’s been a while since I checked into my blog. In fact goodness me it’s nearly a year! What with the process of moving house, re-locating & settling in to life in Somerset, I’ve had so much to do. The delight of making new friends has been consuming in a truly lovely way. When I asked myself what to write about, what could genuinely help people, what came to me was the impermanence of the physical body, perhaps because so much fear has been stirred up around the subject of health & ultimately where that could lead.

I have spent a large part of my adult life exploring the subject of the soul, life after death, healing and all that is connected to this. So personally I have no doubt in my mind about the soul’s ongoing existence. I have sat in physical mediumship seances and witnessed sitters’ loved ones come through, sometimes for forty-five minutes at a time from the other world, having conversations that have left everyone present in a state of awe. The emotions from one to the other are no pretence and I feel blessed to have had the rare opportunity to participate in these events. The effort made on the part of those in the spirit world, to prove that their lives continue, to connect with those they know, to show that they are not only fine but actually feel more alive than before, is deeply humbling. Those moments of truth have touched my heart forever.

Only love brings the departed souls through, showing that love not only transcends the physical body, but also has the power to heal. When in a state of fear, there is no room for love, but this is also true the other way around. Fear drops our frequency to the lowest vibration and love elevates it to the highest. When we come to the end of our physical journey this time around, we will see that the love we feel and indeed that we are, is what remains. What really matters is how we love, help others, how much compassion we demonstrate & what we learn: all of this determines our evolution which shows where we shall go from here. I see it as a liberating new chapter; one in which we will feel lighter for losing our bodies & less confused or fixed in ways of being, due to the absence of the emotional body. Yet still very much ourselves with the same humour, the same idiosyncrasies and whatever makes us uniquely us. We’ll be able to reflect on our lives on the earth plane with loving support from our spirit guides, without judgement and with the understanding that comes from witnessing how we did from a higher perspective – something that is very difficult to do whilst in the denseness of the human body, although we can have glimpses of it when we meditate, dream or have moments of clarity or deep knowing.

Time doesn’t exist beyond the physical plane, so what can seem an eternity whilst we are here, can be the blink of an eye in the next world. In other words, death as we know it, however drawn out or traumatic it may be, is a release of all that binds us. So even though we choose to incarnate in order to have the privilege of human life, to have an adventure and stretch our boundaries, especially now as the planet is evolving so fast, on leaving Gaia, we return Home. This can be described as a rebirth, for nothing dies. Everything is energy and energy simply transmutes, transforms, alchemizes. It is my belief that we have our specific time to pass over, a time that we have ourselves chosen, so if it isn’t your time, then you simply won’t go until it is. I believe that in this new chapter the earth is accelerating into over the next 2000 years, there will be no disease, hatred or fear, no wars or division. Perhaps it had to get this toxic before we change our attitude to our lives and open to building new communities based on loving kindness.

If we can but see our life as an experience, then there need be no criticism or judgement. Let’s be present as much as possible, recognizing when our minds pull us away from our centres, try to be our own loving parental guidance gently steering our smaller selves back to stillness, seeing the whole of life as a great mystery. If we attempt too hard to make rational sense of it all, then we lose something valuable – the value is partly in the not knowing, in the curiosity of the child who is open-hearted enough to connect to the magic of life. We can all see the world in this way if we choose to, even if we have temporarily forgotten how to. It requires trust in the moment, & when we are able to live in this way, isn’t it an enormous relief? Acting from a place of faith, our egos take a back seat and can enjoy the ride for once. In this state, anything can happen; we know that it will be all right whatever the outcome.


You may wish to put gentle music on in the background.
  1. Sit comfortably, extending your roots into the ground. Make sure your spine is upright & your back supported. Close your eyes and breathe rhythmically.
  2. Put your attention on your heart centre. Breathe gently in & out from this centre.
  3. With each breath, know that your heart is expanding until you are your heart.
  4. Imagine you are losing the sense of your physical body. It is there but more as energy than something defined.
  5. You start to become bigger than your body, larger than the physical you. With each breath, know that you are expanding beyond your body until gradually you fill the room you are in.
  6. Extend beyond the room, out into the garden & pavement, the street, town, city, county, country and eventually the whole world. You are no mind, nowhere, nobody.
  7. Your presence, the energetic you, the real you, fills the entire universe with heart-felt Love. There are no boundaries, there is no beginning and no end, for All is within you. You are omnipresent. You carry the world within you.
When you are ready, connect to the earth through your earth star chakra a few inches below the souls of your feet. You may wish to write down feelings and impressions you received.

In this period of time between this and my last post, our world appears to have become less stable. It seems to me that we must rely on our own inner resources, and those who do not know how to do this should begin to learn. In your heart, you know what is right & what is wrong, and if you are not able to find that place within you, you have simply forgotten who you are due to the de-sensitization from television and the media telling you what to think and do. You have become programmed and it is time to re-programme your subconscious mind and remember your sovereignty. We are all sparks of the Universal Intelligence, whatever name you choose to call it. We are not ‘less than’ as we have been led to believe. This is the era to step into our divinity and own our individuality in all its diverse beauty, for if we play the game of division that is being dangerously encouraged in schools and other public arenas, we are being manipulated by those who do not have our best interests at heart. Particularly in schools where very young children are so impressionable, this is where our programming begins. Children are our future.

Now is the time to retrieve our lost memories. Our soul holds these memories and carries them to the higher realms. Our DNA which has been reduced in the war of light and dark, carries great knowing and power that we must harness & ignite for the sake of humanity. Now is the time to go within & listen to the language of love which is the language of the soul. To know without a shadow of a doubt that our bodies are here fleetingly, that we each have chosen the physical form that we intimately inhabit for this life, we owe it to our body to treat it with extreme care. It is not a separate entity but intricately entwined with our greater eternal selves. Yet many of us have forgotten our sacredness, just as we have forgotten our Earth Mother is a living, pulsing entity that we are completely connected to. We have neglected to be grateful and in a state of grace for our existence, instead taking for granted the very life that pulses through our veins.

It is time to start again, and whether or not we decide to wake up now or after our transition to the next plane, is up to every one of us. When we disconnect from the noise of the outside world, listening to our hearts just for a moment, we have in that moment, the opportunity to hear the truth and to turn our whole world around.

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  1. Thank you for this timely post Nikki, it really touched my heart. It was a reminder to remember who I really am and to place trust in my soul’s plan for this life. Keep writing, your words are truly inspiring! Debs

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