I haven’t written anything for a while because I’ve been pretty busy as well as processing the recent events that have affected us all. But these past few days I’ve been hearing my inner voice urging me to write something that might help or inspire people. The subject that keeps drawing my attention is individuality – how important it is to hold on to our unique selves and how vital it is not just to follow the crowd because others are doing so, but to listen inwardly & sense what feels right for you. Your heart will always tell the truth, and if it feels unclear, sit with it until it is clear. I’ve written a lot about the mind. The higher mind is vast and connects us to our hearts & to God (whatever our understanding of this may be). But the rational mind has no concept of feelings and will endeavour to confuse, criticize and destroy what is revealed in the heart, as it is threatened by love, surrender and peace.

When we are fearful, our vibration drops to a very low frequency and we allow ourselves to be governed by this lower aspect of our mind. We can become unconscious and blindly follow the status quo without stopping to question what we are doing, why we are doing it or what the consequences of this could be. This is a dangerous state to be in, as such a disconnection from our heart means that we cut off from our truth & from real emotions, becoming misguided. It doesn’t feel comfortable because it’s not who we really are. Hopefully the discomfort becomes so obvious that we stop and begin to listen: not to the crowd who are doing no better than us, but to the higher aspect of ourselves. If not, then in this kind of extreme state, we completely cut off from our hearts, unable to hear the warning cry coming from deep within. We can become capable of anything because our heart houses our conscience and our consciousness.

At this moment in time on the earth plane, it is crucial to think for ourselves. This is after all the age of Aquarius, which is all about community, healing ourselves and realizing our own power to make decisions. We are no longer in the age of Pisces, an age in which we were happy to hand over our power to an external authority which told us what to do and how to live. So for many it’s a major transitional leap to go from one state of being to another. Being told what to put into our bodies or how to worship the Divine, will not work for us any more. We are being encouraged by an invisible power, to follow our own guidance, to let go of the old structures that are undeniably crumbling (regardless of how long they have been active for) and open our hearts to each other. It takes courage and commitment to decide to live as the essence of who we are, but is this not something we all want to commit to deep inside?

There is no beauty or creativity in being pulled along by what doesn’t make sense, yet so many are; in the vain hope that it will all go away soon, whatever “it” is. Yet there is tremendous creative movement in attuning to our truth & being driven by that. If we know that our behaviour and our choices make good sense to us, then we grow confident in our decisions and it doesn’t matter whether others agree with us or not, for we have thought it through in ways that are noble and justifiable to our individual consciousness. In this clear space there is no room for fear, and no situation that is dictated by fear is a good enough reason to sever our connection with our own intelligence and hand over our authority to an external one. This does not feel good, whether we are doing it for an easy life or because we are in denial. In actual fact, ignoring our intuition never makes for an easy life in the long run.

The age of Aquarius isn’t some wishy washy expression of the new age. Aquarius is ruled by the planet uranus which speaks of revolution, like minded groups, breakthroughs and individuality. It urges us to take responsibility for our lives whilst celebrating our uniqueness. The world is going through the biggest identity crisis any of us have known. We seem to be drowning in uncertainty & lack of direction, and our survival as a species depends on the questions that we dare to ask and the depth of our thoughts behind these questions. The earth is a beautiful planet upon which we are blessed to be able to experience our journeys and for the Divine to know his/herself through us. Let us be worthy of this honour by being all that we can be. If we lose our sovereignty through bypassing our true connection with the God-self within us, then should things go horribly wrong with the future of Mother Earth and our own selves as humanitarian beings, we will only have ourselves to blame. Rumi said, “Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment.” He did not mean to be so overwhelmed that you stop thinking for yourself. His words are about getting out of the ego mind so that we open completely to the mystery of life, allowing life’s wondrous poetry to shine through. We can only do this if we keep our hearts open. He suggests that we invite grace into our lives, and from this humbling viewpoint, witness the world. It is our duty to make sure that we have an ongoing dialogue with our higher minds, our intuition. Without this our life force wanes and we simply become manufactured copies of what others want us to be, shadows of the exquisite life forms that we are all born to be.



  1. Close your eyes & drop deeply into the depth of your being. Do this with your intention.
  2. Breathe gently but fully into your heart.
  3. Call in your true self, allowing her/him to appear however s/he wishes to come to you.
  4. It may be that you haven’t communicated with this beautiful true part of yourself for a long time.
  5. Simply have a conversation with this part of you. Ask what it needs from you on a daily basis.
  6. Listen with all of yourself. The answer may be given now or in the coming hours, days or weeks. Open, allow and trust what you hear & feel.
  7. If tears flow, let them. You may feel emotional but it’s fine if you don’t.
  8. If you have a specific question to ask this true part of you, then ask now. Again allow the answer to come as and when it is ready to.
  9. Now allow your physical self to blend in with your intuitive self in whichever way it happens. It can help to set the intention first.
  10. Know that when you are ready to open your eyes and go about your day or evening, you will have greater clarity, feel more alive and more You than you have perhaps felt for some time.

I suggest doing this every day for a while if you have been feeling lost. But do whatever time allows and whatever feels right. The most important thing is to re-discover your own powerful self, to trust in your own mind and to re-connect with the Light that you are. Each time you repeat a meditation such as this, you train your subconscious mind to lead the way, strengthening the relationship with your soul so that you are free to tread your path with confidence and clear vision.

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  1. Thanks for your wise words, Nikki. This article has really resonated with me…I have been feeling direction less lately, so time to look within and be guided by intuition.

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