I want to talk about miracles which I’m sure we have all experienced to some degree. A miracle is when an ordinary situation becomes extraordinary. When the universe reveals to us that anything is possible. It shows us that our egoic minds are limited, our expectations small, our language inadequate in the face of God. The realm of the miraculous takes us to the edge of possibility and far beyond. We know that we are witnessing a miracle when the usual sequence of events is overshadowed by the gift of grace – that rare quality that makes us stand back from ourselves and surrender to something greater.

To be present at the birth of a baby, human or animal, is a humbling moment for anyone. A being emerges from nothing & nowhere that we can see, into the beginning of life. For me it’s beyond words. People pray for miracles all the time – for healing, for reunions with loved ones, for dreams to come true, for all manner of needs, hopes & wishes, and sometimes prayers are answered in mysterious ways that seem to bend natural laws.

I have a friend who, before I knew her, was truly down emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She didn’t have any money to get out of a very strained situation in her life or anybody she trusted to call upon to ask for help. One evening she was walking along the street somewhere in London, when right in front of her twenty pound notes appeared as falling from the sky. This went on for some time until she could hardly believe what she was seeing. There was no-one around except for a homeless man sitting in a doorway, who also saw this happening and was equally astonished. Perhaps the money was as much for him! Who knows exactly what his or my friend’s karma was that was being balanced by this spontaneous and miraculous act? But everything is accounted for which is why things can see, unfair at times. If we believe that there are many lifetimes and that every thought, deed and intention is compensated for down to the tiniest detail, then we cannot decide whether or not someone deserves to receive something, negative or positive. We all judge what we perceive to be just, yet it’s not for us to do so, because nothing is as it seems. We simply don’t know the bigger picture, so all we can do is our best in every given moment.

Synchronicities can be miracles, big & small, presenting in different ways. When I was in my twenties and living briefly in Austin, Texas with an American guy, I performed in a play with a great bunch of people. But being there was a real culture shock for me. I used to watch endless old episodes of the series, “Upstairs Downstairs” which was on U.S. TV at the time, and it added to my homesickness. The director of the play introduced me to an English woman he worked with during the day. She’d married a Mexican doctor there, and she invited me for tea and cucumber sandwiches to bring me a touch of England! She was lovely and it emerged that she had grown up knowing my maternal grandparents in Devon. These kinds of “coincidences” are wonderful & this particular one reminded me of a trip I made to southern India. My mum had recently died but as I had already booked the holiday, I decided to go, though I was grieving and extremely vulnerable. I stayed in a house with other people from the UK which wasn’t what it promised to be, but I kept meeting people who knew friends of mine in Devon (where my mother had grown up), as well as stumbling across a guy called Tim who’d also just lost his mother after he had booked to go to India. So he was feeling as fragile as I was and we were able to support each other, remaining friends for a number of years. I have no doubt that the powers that be worked hard to organize these meetings. I shouldn’t have been in the café where I met him at all that afternoon as I’d taken a trip to a neighbouring city by train, and only because something difficult had taken place where I was, did I decide to return to the original place where I had been staying. I can only imagine how hard our invisible helpers work to arrange situations for us. In the café I overheard the guy asking someone about Amma, a holy woman who has an ashram in that part of India. He was asking where it was & I had been there only a few days prior to this. So I entered into the conversation, giving him the information he needed. We’d both seen her in The UK as she tours the world continually, giving darshan (her blessing).

Amma means mother and she is a representation of the Divine Mother in human form. I don’t know how it will be in current times, but her way of transmitting energy from the higher dimensions, is to hug every person who comes to see her. Because of this she is known as “the hugging saint”. She stays in one place for two or three days, maintaining a clear, strong transmission throughout because she has such a pure connection with Source and knows that she is merely a vessel for Divine Love. It’s interesting to me that the Divine Mother sent a new friend to me at a time I needed understanding, and the two of us felt less alone in a strange unfamiliar landscape. I have had several magical encounters through connections with Amma & I recommend the experience to anybody, as her warmth and radiance bring such joy that you cannot help but feel uplifted, whether alone or with your family, for everyone is welcome. Let us hope that this kind of physical heart to heart comes back beyond our present isolation, for we are reminded when we are in the presence of pure love, that life is really about unity, community and connection. She is well known for her humanitarian work setting up schools, orphanages and other essential centres in India.

A while before this, I felt a strong pull to visit Israel which is where I met the American guy. Whilst I was there, I got a little lost one day and wondered into the wrong quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, where I was suddenly pinned to the ground by a young lad. I literally could not move, was naturally terrified & knew I didn’t stand a chance against his strength. Yet at this moment someone called out and he disappeared in an instant. I’m thankful for that miracle as it could have been a very different ending. As I reminisce, I remember vividly the feeling that emanated from the Wailing Wall in the golden city of Jerusalem. Whatever our belief, the energy that is built up through the power of love, miracles and prayer, is distinctly tangible through the passage of time.

A friend, Theresa was driving to a spiritual seminar with several passengers in her car, when there was a pile-up on the motorway. She became aware of unseen hands taking over the steering wheel. Her car was literally lifted into the air, landing safely back down on the road, all within a split second as if they were somehow removed from linear time. They all experienced this & were dazed, slightly shaken but completely unscathed with not a scratch between them. They had no idea how this could have occurred, only that it was undoubtedly some form of divine intervention. There are numerous accounts like this, where people have seen angels and other worldly beings appearing in time to deliver them to safety. There are entire books dedicated to the healing power of touch. Great teachers and avatars such as Jesus, Buddha, Babaji, Mother Theresa and many many more, carried such a high frequency of light, that people only had to be in their presence to be healed. Today also healers walk the earth , known & unknown, performing what many would describe as miracles.

In the book, “The Course In Miracles”, it says: “Miracles awaken the awareness that the spirit not the body, is the altar of truth. This is the recognition that leads to the healing power of the miracle”. So let us remember who we really are beyond our physical form, for when we are able to detach from the material world, enough to honour it but connect to our vast celestial selves, then we are surely more open to the miraculous truth that transports us from the mundane to the visionary.

IF THERE IS ONE MIRACLE that you would like to see manifest in your life, what would it be?

  • Call in your spirit guides, angels or masters, making it clear what it is that you want to happen or create & open a golden door within your heart. Feel the light emanating out from this door in all directions to infinity.
  • Know that what is truly a desire in your heart deep within your being, sends a profound message to the Divine that magnetizes to you what you wish for.
  • Let go of the need to control how this happens. State that your wish manifests with harm to none and happens for the highest good.
  • Let go and surrender to the magic of the Universe.

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