The Magic Of Synchronicity

In my work as a psychic/medium, I see all of life reflected back to me and I realize how we all inspire and help one another, and how there is an invisible thread that weaves through our lives connecting us to whom or what we need. My work is not all about prediction, because we create our futures by being truly present in the now and listening to our hearts. When we do this, the signs & messages begin to speak to us which is truly miraculous. It can give us confidence to believe that things do not happen in a random chaotic fashion, but that somehow there is a higher order governed by something greater than we can see with our human eyes or understand with our thinking minds. The Universe is always communicating with us: in images, dreams, songs, in the words that people use, in our thoughts when we have space in our minds to receive them and in a myriad of other ways. The more open we are to receive guidance, the greater our capacity to co-create our lives with the Divine. Sometimes we are too absorbed in our own fears to realize that we are loved even when we cannot see it.

Many years ago, I wanted to do a residential healing retreat in Dorset with a well known healer. I felt trapped in a bad relationship, and though I was even then, helping others with their lives by giving psychic/tarot readings, it was difficult to see a way out for myself. I decided that the retreat was too expensive, yet somewhere inside, I knew it was exactly what I needed. I even told a client about it, feeling it was what she needed , telling her that they had bursaries for those who had no money. She decided to go for it, urging me to do the same and saying that if she could apply for some kind of bursary, well why couldn’t I? And this really shows how blocked I was feeling, that somehow I had taken myself out of the equation! When I mentioned the place and which tutors went there, it emerged that this was the third time recently this healer’s name had been given to her. So some kind of magic was already moving in a new direction.

I decided to meditate on the situation & I asked to be shown the right thing to do. I consciously stepped back out of my own way so that I would be able to receive the impressions from Spirit and I prayed for any fears to be lifted and for help to be given so that my path could be clearer to me. Whilst I was in this state of mind, mulling over the possibilities but still worried about money (subconsciously the fears were about change), I was alone one evening in the flat I shared with my partner. suddenly a little blue tit flew into the living room through the open window! It flapped against the closed windows in a desperate bid to escape, not seeing the very window it had flown in by. It was a nerve wracking moment, with me willing the bird to fly out, the bird becoming more & more frustrated and afraid, even flying up to the ceiling light and back to the various windows. I was concerned that it would damage itself and decided to get help from a neighbour. We eventually managed to usher it out with a tea-towel, and it was a relief to see the beautiful creature flying to freedom far away into the sky.

The very next morning when I got up after my partner had gone to work, I pulled up the blinds in the living room to find the little blue tit on the balcony floor on its back. I knew immediately without a shadow of a doubt that this was a message of awakening for me and that the bird had come to show me how badly I needed to change my life. I knew because the sight of this beautiful bird dead on the ground, felt like an arrow piercing the depth of my being. I didn’t want to acknowledge it but in that moment I had to. I had to commit to the healing seminar and when we commit to something completely, the money comes or the situation arranges itself to enable us to do what we need for our highest good. It means we are trusting in the Universal Law that says if we connect to the energy of abundance, then that is the energy that grows. However if we connect to the energy of lack, then of course that is the energy that expands instead. I decided then & there to do the seminar which ultimately led to my leaving the relationship. It was a real turning point for me on my spiritual path and in my career, because it led to other courses & deeper understandings for my soul to work with. The little bird’s death was symbolic of my soul which needed to be free. If I didn’t release myself now, I would be in trouble; something I knew but was ignoring up to that point. A part of me needed to die so that a new chapter could begin. My spirituality was threatening to the man I was with & I was allowing myself to be held back. It even occurred to me that the bird was my spirit guide showing up in a form that could help me, revealing to me that the window was open – nobody was keeping me there but myself.

Whether or not you believe in spirit guides, power animals or are uncertain what to believe at all, this was for me a very powerful message which thankfully woke me up and from which emerged a series of synchronicities that put me on a very clear path, changing the course of my life. Incidentally the seminar, which my client and I went to together, was in itself truly liberating! Change is never easy and the ego will resist until we have no choice but to surrender. Our hearts have the answers we seek. All we have to do is listen.

Listening to the Whisperings From Your Soul

If you find yourself in a crisis or are worried about something & at a loss as to what to do, then these simple steps can transform the energy so that the way forward becomes clear. Set aside about 15 minutes & unplug phones or anything else that could disturb you:

  1. Acceptance

    First of all you have to realize you are stuck & this can be a big relief. When you accept that you are unhappy with a situation, you stop resisting and it is wise to remember that what you resist persists. Whatever the situation is, breathe into the pain or confusion. The very act of consciously breathing starts to calm the mind, until gradually it is more at peace. Don’t worry if you still feel muddled or uncertain as it takes a bit of time to make the transition. The very act of paying attention to the problem & how you feel, creates the beginnings of change.

  2. Open Yourself to the Higher Mind.

    Consciously step out of your own way simply by stating that this is your intention. This way you start to take back a degree of control. You are also letting go of the smaller self which is your ego. The ego is necessary for you to get up in the morning, go through the day & it gives us our human sense of self. But our ego minds can take over and then they become negative and limiting; they will always find reasons to remain in fear or not to believe in ourselves. Once you let go of the smaller mind, there is space for the higher mind to communicate to you. Now simply open your heart to your Higher Self. This is your soul which is who you really are and unlike the ego, serves your best interests. Ask for help from a guide or angel if you like; it doesn’t matter if you don’t know who they are. In doing this you are opening yourself to something better. The smaller mind may well try to get in the way, so if you find doubts and fears creeping in, just notice them and then lovingly let them go. Sometimes people find it easier to focus on the breath or on a word such as “Aum”, “Love” or “Peace”. Or you may wish to have a beautiful piece of music on in the background. These help to neutralize the mind.

  3. Receiving the Answer.

    The next step is to receive impressions that may come in the form of pictures, colours, words, sounds or feelings. Please do not question what comes as this will reconnect you to your thinking mind which is what you don’t want. You may not immediately understand them yet and you actually may not receive anything at this time. That’s perfectly okay. The answers can come later on during the course of the day or coming weeks and they can be received in your dreams. The thing is not to put pressure on yourself to know right now. Trust that you will know but the answers will come in their own time. This is a creative process and the higher mind or intuitive mind works in images, symbols and feelings. So start to trust what you feel. It will not necessarily make rational sense, so try to be patient with yourself as this will help the process to unfold for you. Sometimes I find it helpful to say an affirmation that states what I want or how I want to feel. An example could be, “I am now in my perfect job/relationship/home” or “I am perfect health” or “I now have the finances to fund the course I wish to do”, or simply, “I have perfect clarity.” You can say this over & over out loud or inwardly after the meditation as you go about your day, whenever you think of it or before you go to sleep at night, remembering to feel the feelings this result will bring. Always keep the affirmation in the present tense as if it is already happening.
You may wish to do this process a few times, but each time you do it you are impressing upon your higher mind what it is you want and expect, plus you will develop the practice of listening to the inner voice. When we become accustomed to doing this, we understand that however bleak or impossible the situation is, there is a way through the darkness and we are never really alone.

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  1. I am really enjoying your blog articles. They are thought provoking and profound. I’m finding the practical tools you are providing particularly useful at this strange time of lockdown. It is comforting to know that we are not alone and can tap into a higher reality when we need it.

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