True power is invisible. It is the essence of all life and we are not separate from it but are a part of it. When I meditate, if I need to hear my spirit helpers or the part of myself that is connected to Source, I move the smaller me out of the way to allow my soul to speak to me through symbols & feelings. I open to the power that moves through everything so that it touches my awareness to the point that I am blending my energy with the energy of my spirit guides or higher beings from the world unseen. This should always feel positive, uplifting, gentle & loving. Intention is really important because once we put out a clear intent, we move the energy in the direction of whatever that may be. For example, “I open myself to blend with my spirit guides to receive the information I need for the highest good”. It could be like a prayer, or simply, “I open to the light of God/Christ/Buddha/Mother Mary/Archangel Michael” or whoever you personally wish to connect with. This creates a direct link that lifts your vibration from the earthly realm.

Of course we are human beings, but our essence is beyond the earth plane. It’s important when doing any spiritual work, to have a strong connection to the earth. Again you can direct your mind towards your root chakra at the base of your spine, sending energy from your base into the earth deep down beneath the ground. It can help to visualize actual roots like the roots of a tree. Traditionally the colour of this chakra is red which is the colour that symbolizes our life force. Once you feel plugged into the earth, you can slowly and steadily breathe that life force up into your base chakra & right the way up through the core of your being, filling yourself with the strength from Mother Earth as though you are charging yourself with her energy with each breath you take. Then you can start to open to something higher and you won’t feel disconnected from your physical body.

Our body is susceptible to fragility, illness and ultimately decay, so we must look after it with tenderness and love during its brief sojourn on the planet. After all it is the vehicle through which our spirit, which is infinite, finds expression. Although at the moment there is much panic & fear regarding our mortality, we can also understand beyond these feelings, that there is a soul which is whole and perfect in its wisdom & connection to Source. If we can raise our awareness to a place beyond the density of the earth, even for a few moments, we will feel a relief from so much pain. The more pulled down into the material world we are with its suffering, greed, disease, fear & hopelessness, the less able we are to help ourselves, let alone anybody else. It’s important to care and to be conscious of what is truly going on. But then we can choose where to put our attention. We have free will and this is the power we have been given whilst in human form. To focus endlessly on illness and potential illness, is to energize it and this is irresponsible. Yet if we think about what we want for ourselves, our loved ones and the planet, if we visualize them in a state of wellness, this is more helpful, more calming for the mind, emotions & much more beneficial for everyone. Only then is our body able to be the temple for the Divine that it was intended to be.

I believe that there is an abundance of light being sent to our planet right now from the higher dimensions, for undoubtedly we are in a time of major transition. Never has it been more important to connect with that light, to absorb it & be aware of our thoughts in each present moment as often as we are able to. We’ve all heard the saying, “The darkest hour is before the dawn”. In the current climate it seems as if things couldn’t get worse. Yet we can all choose to turn it around, to trust in and most of all to energize the light rather than the darkness. We owe it to ourselves and to humanity to lift up our hearts and believe in our own power to transform our world. As Gandhi famously said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.

We create our reality based on our beliefs and actions, so somehow we must have collectively created the situation in which we find ourselves. Surely then we can create a completely different reality – a world where we are conscious co-creators rather than victims, a world based on community, compassion and unity. Is this not a more natural expression of our divinity and the way it was always meant to be? We are all at different levels of our evolution, all on our own unique journey and I believe all intrinsically good inside. But we are explorers, adventurers and invariably go off track in our curiosity & experimentation to find out who we truly are. Whatever our particular character, purpose or beliefs, when we peel away the layers of pain, distortions and unrest, we find that we are simply Love. Love is the highest vibration and leads us, if we allow it, to our deepest truth which is that we all have it in us to heal ourselves and become beacons of light. It doesn’t matter which spiritual path we follow, for it is our right to choose the road that suits us as long as it causes no harm to others. But let us remember that the power that speaks to us through sunshine, moonlight, hurricanes & tsunamis, also speaks through us, each one of us, every moment we are alive, and it is essential that we take responsibility for that power and use it wisely.

I invite you to do the following meditation

  • Sit comfortably with your spine straight either on a chair or seated on a cushion on the ground, or if this is difficult, lying down. You can imagine roots at the base of your spine or beneath the souls of your feet, connecting down into the earth.
  • Take a few deep breaths, letting go of the outside world.
  • Place your awareness on your heart centre. Visualize an emerald green vortex of light in this centre.
  • Allow this vortex of light to become bigger and bigger as you gently breathe into it, until it fills your entire body. You are this spinning vortex of emerald green light.
  • You may feel an expanded sense of self as if you have become your vaster self. Just allow this to be so.
  • Become aware of a bright light in front of you. With your inner eye you “see” the light evolving into the form of a person.
  • Gradually you become aware that the form is you as your wise self. Perhaps you look older or maybe you seem clearer, brighter and more joyful.
  • Your wise elder self looks lovingly into your eyes and invites you to look into hers/his. As you do this, you feel an overwhelming peace permeating your being. You know that all will be well.
  • Your wise self is the true witness of your life & of you as the person living your life. Ask him/her to remind you of your true power and how you can bring that into your present situation, whatever you are going through in your life right now. Do not search for the answer but pause to absorb this moment and trust that the answer will come at the perfect time & in the perfect way.
  • After a while your wise self is absorbed back into the light. With your intention, invite the light into your heart and feel the energy spreading out until you are filled with and surrounded by this beautiful light.
  • You have called in and integrated your powerful eternal self into your human consciousness. This will be a part of you eternally as it always has been . Now you can call upon it when you need courage, strength and wisdom or simply when you need to remember the Power within you.
  • When you are ready, feel the ground beneath you, move your fingers and toes and open your eyes.

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