Harnessing The Power Of The Mind

Hello everyone, I am writing to you in the midst of tremendous crisis in the world, in the hope that I can inspire you to know how powerful you are.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the paradigm of fear that is sweeping the planet.  But I would like to invite you to stand back from these emotions for a moment and breathe into the depth of your being.  You are so much more than your thoughts, your body and & your fears and it takes courage to step away from the collective mind-set and dare to be different.  We are all interconnected energetically & therefore we feel each other’s feelings and pick up on people’s situations all the time, because our hearts can hear their joys and sorrows.  We are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings with an amazing capacity to love.  Yet when we are fearful, we automatically lose our connection to love because the lower emotions shut us down, forcing the body to go into fight or flight survival mode, which is helpful if we are being chased by a wild animal or violent predator, but unhelpful if we want to keep our hearts open and live creatively.  Understandably the population feels threatened by something real & unpredictable, which renders us helpless if we let it.  Yet there is another way.  We don’t have control over the outside world, but we do have control over our inner state if we choose to discipline the mind by training it to stay in the now.  There are many techniques to purify the quality of your thoughts which take practice and patience;  you could see it as polishing the facets of a diamond:  when it gleams in the light, you know it’s all been worth it.  


  • Sit comfortably and gaze softly at an object such as a candle flame, crystal or flower. (Try not to blink). Do this for one minute.
  • Over time build up to five minutes or as long as your able to.
  • This begins to focus your mind. For however long you do this, your mind is under your control, rather than pulling you in different directions like a butterfly.
When you practice reigning in your wild, impulsive mind, you will be able to drop more easily into stillness. As you continue gaining mastery over your mind, you will start to manifest things in your life that you really desire. Every thought, word & action you have taken has led you precisely to where you are right now. The more conscious your thinking, the vaster your potential to do great things. We all have that chance however humble our beginnings. Taking full responsibility for our lives makes us see that there are no accidents and we can understand the power we carry within us.

I recently read a true story about a woman who trained a sparrow-hawk. It fascinated me and I was thinking a lot about it. During the course of that week, hawks kept appearing in different situations: on the TV, in the woods, in conversations, at the vet’s (which was unusual), and on the tube in London I saw a work colleague from twenty-seven years ago whose sir-name contained the word “hawk”! These incidents may seem insignificant which in themselves they are. Yet it brought home to me not only how connected we all are, but how quickly and precisely the Universe responds to our thoughts.

Suppose you felt tired, depressed and lacking vital life force, you could repeat an affirmation that states the feeling you want to generate, such as, “I see beauty” or “Life is beautiful”. The more you say it, the more you feel it until after a while it becomes your reality because you start to resonate with the energy of beauty. Or you may choose, “I am perfect vitality”, which connects you to the life force you were lacking. The art is to find a way of feeling the sentiment in your body so that it isn’t stuck in your head as a concept. It can help to remember a time when you did have these feelings. There is no time as we know it in Spirit, so it doesn’t matter how far back in your memory you go. The act of saying, “I am ……” with the emotion, creates the vibration of being that feeling or having what you want already. The Universe, being like a mirror or a magnet, mirrors back to you or magnetizes to you, the sum total of all your thoughts, conscious & unconscious.

At the moment, what is happening on the earth plane is unrecognizable to us. So it’s important for us to get conscious, to have vision and a clear intention. When you don’t know what that is, the key is to surrender the need to know. I call it “getting out of my own way”. As a psychic/medium, I need to do this to access information for my clients. When I let go of the need for it to be my way, I simply AM. I am in the present and present time is all there ever is – I am connected to the quantum field where all potentialities are possible.

  • THINK OF A SITUATION which may be worrying you and resolve to let go of the need to know what to do. Literally allow yourself to be in the place of “not knowing”.
  • Breathe into that situation and realize it’s OK. The more acceptance you have that this is how it is right now, whatever it may be, the bigger the space you are creating for allowing the answer to come in. I call it “the allowing space” and it is in this emptiness that receptivity occurs.
  • Expect the unexpected because Higher Intelligence is infinitely wiser than we are as our limited selves & shows us all things are possible.
  • Keep breathing calmly as this prevents panic from over-shadowing your peace.
  • When you are ready, go about your day. Endeavour to trust that you are being helped.
Remember that stillness invites presence, presence opens to the invisible power that runs through all things, true power is Universal Life Force, or as the American Indians named it, Great Spirit (whatever your understanding of that may be) and this unseen force has a divine order that, as we surrender our smaller selves, speaks to our higher minds. But we must be willing to have faith in the unknown. It helps to make space for this every day if possible. One of my teachers says that when we meditate, pray or do any spiritual practice at the same time and on the same day, angels will gather, because it is a commitment to the spirit of who we truly are and to those in Spirit who are always with us such as spirit guides. Universal Law states that where attention is placed, energy flows. So it must be a universal truth then, that each time we show up in our quiet place, whether it be an altar in our home or out in nature, energy builds and the angels multiply.

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  1. Thank you Nikki. I am working on staying light and upbeat but some days are easier than others. Your post had lifted me today and I am most grateful.
    Stay safe
    Sharon 🙏💛

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