From Chaos To Stillness

These are my thoughts reflecting on how it is to be human at this moment in time.  We have no compass for navigating ourselves through this new way of life that seems to have come upon us out of nowhere.  Life is interchangeable and unpredictable at the best of times,  but none so much as now.  It forces us to be in the present moment & to step out of the old habitual ways of being, which could be seen as a good thing because in this state we can hear the voice of intuition which is always speaking to us.  Many people are frozen with fear at the moment as the unknown can be daunting.  But when the ice melts, then the voice of love can start to be heard.  This voice is compassionate, hopeful and kind.  It will direct us out of this maze gently & in its own time rather than ours.  Instead of living on automatic pilot, we are invited to slow down, to unravel our frenzied thoughts from our over-active minds and put one foot in-front of the other, look around and really see the beautiful planet on which we live.

It is sometimes difficult to remember this, but at any given moment we have the choice to respond to something with fear or with love.  Even if at first our response is fearful, our soul, ever patient, will encourage us to transform it to a more loving one.  This naturally feels better and opens up a place of connection in our hearts rather than disconnection.  It’s also important to know that at times we all get triggered & act from our smaller selves:  we can become mean, irritable and lash out at others.  We’d have to be saints for this to bypass us as it’s part of the human condition to feel all our emotions.  The trick is to catch ourselves soon enough to change this feeling, to rise above the lower frequencies and to realize there is another way.  Each time we overcome an emotion that could have dragged us down for longer, this is a victory.

Because the world is so polarized right now, feelings are magnified.  Many of us will either for the moment be physically separated from those we love, or perhaps have them around us far too much!  Evolution means that nothing stays the same:  one way or another life is changing.  I woke up this morning with the image of all of us skating on a large ice-rink.  Some of are holding on to people we know, others are independently gliding across the ice, perhaps slipping and sliding along the way, whilst most of us regularly fall right over on the cold hard ground.  We get up again though and carry on going because what else can we do?  We don’t have maps to see where we are heading, so we must go within to the map of the heart which will keep us safe if we allow a new process to unfold.  For those of you who would like to find your inner oasis of calm, I invite you to come on this journey with me:

“You are in a beautiful meadow surrounded by sweet scented, colourful flowers.  Birds sing their songs of joy, butterflies flutter on a gentle breeze which blows all your worries away so that your mind is peaceful, your heart whispers words of tranquility and love.  Feel the grass like velvet beneath your feet, listen to the rustling of trees as you familiarize yourself with your surroundings.  Soon you find yourself on a path, ahead of which is a temple lit up by a pale golden light.  Walk towards the temple and when you reach the door, push it open & step inside.  The entire room is shining with a warm, comforting glow and everywhere you look you  see the purest light.  In the middle of the temple is a large throne.  Notice what it looks like.  Is it a simple design, perhaps made of wood, or is it more ornate?  There is nobody sitting on it and no-one else seems to be here.  Take your position on the throne and see how this feels.  It is a place of power and speaks to your deeper self, the language of your soul. Now simply close your eyes and see with your inner eyes.  You may see shapes, colours, a person, something else or nothing at all.  Whatever emerges in-front of you is perfectly fine and will be personal to you.  For those who are not used to doing this type of meditation, it takes a bit of practice.  It could also be that your feeling sense or your sense of knowing is more natural for you.  Trust that whatever comes is right for you.

All at once with your eyes closed, you become aware of the appearance of a wise presence. You may see who it is – it may be someone whom you know or someone unknown such as an angelic being, a spirit guide or an animal helper.  Again please trust what comes.  Search inside yourself for a question that could be helpful to you at this stage in your life.  You might want to ask how best you can understand your part in these world changes and how you can serve, help or go forwards.  Or you may wish to ask something entirely different.  If nothing is apparent, then simply ask whether there is anything you need to know, and then open your heart and mind to hear the answer.  The easiest way to do this is to get yourself out of the way with your intention;  this makes space for your higher mind to come through.  The answer may not necessarily come through immediately.  But know that you will receive it in the coming hours, days or weeks, and surrender to the universe bringing it  in unexpected ways.  The universe has its own intelligence and knows how best to communicate with you.  Spend a few moments listening to your wise being, then when you are ready, say goodbye for now, knowing that you can experience more of this when you feel ready or if you want to do the meditation again some time.  Feeling energized and refreshed, carefully  step down from your throne and in your own time make your way to the door of the temple and step through it to the other side.  Walk back down the path and into the meadow. You have found a way to enter your inner sanctum where nothing and nobody can disturb you. You can return whenever you want to, for this is a sanctuary of safety and healing. In your own time take three deep breaths & come back to waking reality, and when you physically open your eyes, know that you have brought back with you a touch of magic from the treasure chest of your inner self, which you can use to transform your world.”

3 thoughts on “From Chaos To Stillness

  1. Thanks for this lovely item, Nikki. I truly feel that our current situation, although challenging, brings its own gifts. I think we will all emerge more soulful, wiser and with greater compassion.

  2. Hey, Nikki a truly beautiful gift. I will pass this on to as many people as possible. We can all now have a special place we can go and feel amazing. I love going out in the open fields at this time, we are so very fortunate the weather is allowing us to do so. Even when the rain comes I will be out there lapping up another way to appreciate the beauty of our world.
    Love you and love and light to the world all take care xx

    1. Thank you Nikki. I am trying to treat the current situation as a gift. Some days I wobble but on the whole all is good. Thank you for your insightful words and the lovely meditation. Stay safe 🙏

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