The Long And Winding Road

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Having recently been thrown into the midst of the allopathic medical system, I can honestly say that it’s been a steep descent into the underworld. It reminds me of a board game consisting of blind alleys and trick questions intended to destabilize the player. In the game one has to be terribly astute so as not to end up in the dungeon or be sent back to the beginning. In this game however, the more alert you are, the less likely it is that you will get what you want. It teaches the art of listening to our intuition which we have for very good reason, especially as our bodies are completely connected to our thoughts and feelings, something traditional medicine will not recognize.

At the moment it seems to me that this broken system is all about numbers, drugs and lies, which makes for an unsettling journey trying to obtain the truth. Frankly I have decided that this resides in our own inner knowing, and whereas some of the tests, procedures & opinions can be helpful, I personally have had many incidences of feeling bullied, violated and compartmentalized. This is no surprise to anybody, as we are I think, at least most of us by now, aware of the old organizations crumbling painfully before our very eyes. In the long term this has to be good, but for those of us who need these services, even if we’d rather not be needing them, it is unnerving. In the decay, all tenderness, sensitivity and heart have disappeared, because it’s full of weary practitioners who have had enough and are rapidly leaving a sinking ship, whilst the newly qualified are striking with the all the other institutions that have lost confidence.

Several of my female friends have had similar experiences. Each of us have been left with an alarming number of contradictions & cover ups followed by offensive blame and shame. Strong, intelligent, compassionate women who deserve better. Different bodily organs, yet the same story, with the shocking tendency to remove the problematic organs, instead of trying patiently to discover what the underlying reason could be. My friends and I are all supporters of complimentary health, and with these therapists there is more probability of being heard, seen and held. I believe that these therapies are the medicine of the future, including different forms of quantum and frequency healing, acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, different energy healing modalities and so many more, all of which have made a tremendous resurgence in recent years. All we want is to be seen for the unique human beings we are, and we are having to remember how to attune to our still small voice, for in these modern times, somehow we have forgotten how to do this due to the brainwashing of television and the education system. We must remember, as our survival as sovereign beings relies upon this. We must find our courage, every one of us, & act upon the urgings of our inner minds, especially when we are frightened to do so, because fear has been used to stop our individuality from flourishing, and fear is surely the enemy of love. Having pointed out the negativity, I have to mention the practitioners who do care and have remained in it for the right reasons, though I see how the system is making it virtually impossible for them to do what they signed up for. My gratitude for my GP, now retired, who got me through the worst of it all, is immense; his kindness, consideration and integrity genuinely touched me. When we are vulnerable, we respond well to loving kindness, and we respond badly to being rushed, dismissed and patronized. This behaviour simply makes us feel marginalized and disappointed.

All journeys to the underworld ultimately lead to wholeness, but only when we surrender to the dark night of the soul. In doing so I have had to face myself in ways that I & only I could, for my pathway has set me on a road that only I can tread. Like little Red Riding Hood who was lost in the forest and succumbed to the big bad wolf out of naïvety, we have to grow up, and in doing so we learn that just because some people portray themselves as the trustworthy voice of authority, it doesn’t mean that they necessarily are. I have learned that whosoever sets themselves up as such a power figure, through their charisma, intellectual knowledge or even by popular demand, will have to earn my trust. I don’t say this lightly because it’s been one of my life-long lessons and therefore not something that comes naturally to me. But these times we’re living in require that we step into our power & trust the innate spiritual wisdom we were born with. It’s a bitter pill to swallow when we see that we’ve been duped for so long and talked into doing something that wasn’t for our highest good. But it comes from a time that supported the misguided belief in hierarchies. In other words, the New Earth that is already an inevitability will and does celebrate questioning what may not sit well with us, lifting us to levels of equality and cooperation, taking us back to an era where our connection to the Divine came first. This truth has been hijacked by those who are determined to destroy our purity, and the jaded old medical system lies in the middle of this drama, playing its’ redundant, worn out script on the world stage.

The Newtonian model attempted to wipe out all traces of natural medicine, having us believe that what couldn’t be scientifically proven was not real, until gradually the wise women, seers, herbalists and healers were replaced by a sterile clinical environment void of humanity, with the consultants encouraged to play God, and the idea that patients may actually know what their own bodies need, actively discouraged, sneered at or ignored. If the truth is that only Love is real, then all else is the lack of love. So where there is a lack of love, whatever the situation, then to put it simplistically, that situation can only be helped and healed by the love that has been absent. There can sometimes be much deep exploration as part of the person’s recovery, be it physically, emotionally, mentally and/or spiritually, taking as long as it needs to on the road to perfect health. As human beings we cannot be put into boxes or labelled, because not one of us is the same as another, and isn’t this what makes us interesting? Our uniqueness is to be celebrated and our shadow courageously confronted & honoured, until our brightness is re-discovered like a glittering diamond in the fertile soil of our experiences.

The language of health denies this love, deeming our emotions irrelevant. But like all systems not in alignment with a higher vision, it is losing momentum & running itself into the ground, whilst clutching on to what it knows at any cost with ugly voracity. The blood running through my veins is my life force, the manna in my lungs the breath of life and my heart cradles yesterday’s choices and the dreams of all my tomorrows. It’s fairly widely known by now that consciousness resides in the heart rather than the brain, and Dr. Eben Alexander in his book, “Proof Of Heaven”, writes about this powerful realization after being in a coma for one week. It’s an important book because of his background as a leading neurosurgeon, and he explains how his experiences altered his previously ingrained perceptions, totally transforming his understanding of our world in relation to the higher dimensions.

I haven’t yet reached the gateway out of the forest, and contrary to old beliefs, I will choose which direction I wish to take. All I know is that for my vitality and upliftment, it has to be a path that nurtures my emotions alongside my physical body, rather than one which plays mind games for its own dictatorial & therefore dangerous agenda. Love heals, allowing us to be masters of our own destiny, irrespective of rules and regulations, gently reminding us who we truly are beyond this fast paced existence. Sometimes I am able to raise my vibration above the earthly language of form, to a more refined landscape where I can surrender my fears and seemingly impossible dilemmas, to something greater than my small human self. When I do this I remember who I am. In each of us is a secret space that longs to be felt, deep within the deepest part of ourselves: it whispers & sings a lullaby of innocence, caresses our dark despair, retrieving lost fragments of hopefulness, for it keeps them safe until we are ready to receive them back into the creative visionary vessels of our awareness. Gradually the wounding can be integrated and transmuted into light. Only then are we able to welcome back the beautiful souls that we always were, into sacred communion with our physical selves. The intertwining of our spirit with this experience in this body is our birthright and the reason for all our incarnations, especially now in these urgent times. Soul work though invaluable is never easy, but I for one intend to break the patterns which have kept me in bondage to the past, as I continue unravelling unhelpful ties that no longer serve me, until I can walk with dignity towards a future that is blessed, golden and holy.

Animal Magic

The spring of 2020 brought a litter of fox cubs into my back garden.  Two of them disappeared quite quickly, and I’d like to think they were whisked off to another den so that their baby sister (who was distinctly smaller) could eat her food without a struggle. It seemed obvious to me that the other two were boys as their behaviour was far more bold & brash, their noses right up against my patio doors & utterly fearless.  Pixie, as I named her, was coy and flirtatious, preferring to leap around the lawn with an array of soft toys, collected by her parents from people’s gardens. She darted and pounced in exquisite, boundless joy, and I was entranced.

My cat on the other hand, was unimpressed. Terrified and desperate to stop them coming inside, he peed on the rug.  One of my worst nightmares!  He wasn’t afraid of the cub at all, but refused to step outside unless I coaxed him, and it became clear that he must have been warned off by one or both of the parents, which had a profoundly negative effect on his sensitive soul.  Their home was under next door’s shed right up against my fence and precisely where my cat used to crawl to underneath.  Wrong time wrong place!  Being a creature who adored his garden, this was not good news as he morphed from a spirited and cheerful personality, to simply depressed.  For his sake I tried moving them on with a water squirter attached to the outside tap, specifically designed to come on when anyone came within a certain distance to it.  The trouble was that I felt guilty as she wasn’t hurting anybody.  The parents were around but I rarely saw them, and not at all after the summer solstice due to the hours they kept & their ability to camouflage.

I opted instead for homeopathic remedies for anxiety for my cat, which worked intermittently, and we lived alongside one another for months.  The cub came out at around 9pm every night as I watched mesmerised, as my large but unconfrontational cat looked on in resigned dread, occasionally growling when she got too close. I knew that generally speaking cats and foxes have a healthy respect for one another all being well, and that it would only be for now. 

The cub was growing rapidly and remained enthusiastic about life in spite of having no siblings to play with.  What a shame my cat wouldn’t entertain the idea, as they were about the same size and Pixie was up for it.  Her features gradually changed from rounded to distinctly pointed and foxy.  I restrained the impulse to befriend her, knowing it wouldn’t benefit her in the long run, but it would have been very easy to do so.  It was amazing that we hadn’t experienced this before, as the garden, being large with a wild area at the back, different shrubs to hide under and a pond, was the perfect safe play area with no dogs nearby.  I hated the thought of her going out into a world where nature is being destroyed to make way for more houses and worse, the dreadful HS2 high speed rail, demolishing wildlife and their habitat. 

She suddenly disappeared in September, true to form according to the research I did. Apparently the parents literally chase them out to make their own lives. My cat was transformed back to his old self immediately, which was actually a major relief. But I was left with a slightly dwindling sense of loss. I knew I’d be unlikely to ever experience such an intimate relationship with a wild animal again. The following year, two months earlier than their previous appearance, they came back!! I know because my cat shot up the stairs just as before, peering out between the banisters and peed on the floor! It was march which is when the cubs are born, and sadly the ingrained trauma to my boy was too much to bear. He just couldn’t get over it. As by now I was in the process of re-locating, I also couldn’t deal with it. I feared my elderly cat would lose the will to live as he sunk into depression, daring only to tread warily close to the house. So I opted for a safe scent detractor to urge them to move on, and blocked the holes under the fence panels. It broke my heart to do so.

In June of that year we moved, and once again my furry friend regained his confidence. I hope that my little fox is still around, living safely with a family of her own, less trusting but able to navigate her way in a precarious world. Yet sadly foxes are lucky to live two years these days due to traffic, despite their capacity to live up to eight years or so. I learned so much about foxes during this time through doing my own research, but most of all I learned through this experience, that these beautiful beings are playful, loyal, intelligent and devoted to their children. Their harsh lives are so much about survival from human violation, and I wish from the bottom of my heart that this could be different. We all deserve to live freely on the planet, sharing the space in which we find ourselves. Perhaps some day the Earth will be safe for all animals. I’d dearly like to think so, but we certainly have a way to go as we wade through the current dissolution of the old systems, exposing the wounds we have created – wounds that need to be lovingly nursed back to health. This will take time. I’m pleased I chose love instead of fear in this instance at a time when fear is so prevalent in the world, and I shall treasure this moment for ever.

If you have the opportunity to get to know one of these bright sparks, you’re in for a treat. Fox medicine teaches us stealth, camouflage, the value of family, playfulness, humour and spontaneity. They have suffered cruelly at the hands of humans and goodness knows why. But if you happen to be touched by fox magic, then I dare you not to fall in love! Animal medicine is a powerful tool for understanding where we are at on our paths. Each one has a lesson and a message for us if we open our hearts and minds to connect to the spirit of the animal, including birds, sea creatures and reptiles. Those of us who have pets will know the incredible connection we have with them. Relationships with our little friends can run deep, and because they do not have the ego mind, their spirits hold up a mirror that encourages us to drop our masks. More importantly, they urge us to tune in to our pure eternal selves and listen to the whisperings of our souls.

The Eternal Soul

It’s been a while since I checked into my blog. In fact goodness me it’s nearly a year! What with the process of moving house, re-locating & settling in to life in Somerset, I’ve had so much to do. The delight of making new friends has been consuming in a truly lovely way. When I asked myself what to write about, what could genuinely help people, what came to me was the impermanence of the physical body, perhaps because so much fear has been stirred up around the subject of health & ultimately where that could lead.

I have spent a large part of my adult life exploring the subject of the soul, life after death, healing and all that is connected to this. So personally I have no doubt in my mind about the soul’s ongoing existence. I have sat in physical mediumship seances and witnessed sitters’ loved ones come through, sometimes for forty-five minutes at a time from the other world, having conversations that have left everyone present in a state of awe. The emotions from one to the other are no pretence and I feel blessed to have had the rare opportunity to participate in these events. The effort made on the part of those in the spirit world, to prove that their lives continue, to connect with those they know, to show that they are not only fine but actually feel more alive than before, is deeply humbling. Those moments of truth have touched my heart forever.

Only love brings the departed souls through, showing that love not only transcends the physical body, but also has the power to heal. When in a state of fear, there is no room for love, but this is also true the other way around. Fear drops our frequency to the lowest vibration and love elevates it to the highest. When we come to the end of our physical journey this time around, we will see that the love we feel and indeed that we are, is what remains. What really matters is how we love, help others, how much compassion we demonstrate & what we learn: all of this determines our evolution which shows where we shall go from here. I see it as a liberating new chapter; one in which we will feel lighter for losing our bodies & less confused or fixed in ways of being, due to the absence of the emotional body. Yet still very much ourselves with the same humour, the same idiosyncrasies and whatever makes us uniquely us. We’ll be able to reflect on our lives on the earth plane with loving support from our spirit guides, without judgement and with the understanding that comes from witnessing how we did from a higher perspective – something that is very difficult to do whilst in the denseness of the human body, although we can have glimpses of it when we meditate, dream or have moments of clarity or deep knowing.

Time doesn’t exist beyond the physical plane, so what can seem an eternity whilst we are here, can be the blink of an eye in the next world. In other words, death as we know it, however drawn out or traumatic it may be, is a release of all that binds us. So even though we choose to incarnate in order to have the privilege of human life, to have an adventure and stretch our boundaries, especially now as the planet is evolving so fast, on leaving Gaia, we return Home. This can be described as a rebirth, for nothing dies. Everything is energy and energy simply transmutes, transforms, alchemizes. It is my belief that we have our specific time to pass over, a time that we have ourselves chosen, so if it isn’t your time, then you simply won’t go until it is. I believe that in this new chapter the earth is accelerating into over the next 2000 years, there will be no disease, hatred or fear, no wars or division. Perhaps it had to get this toxic before we change our attitude to our lives and open to building new communities based on loving kindness.

If we can but see our life as an experience, then there need be no criticism or judgement. Let’s be present as much as possible, recognizing when our minds pull us away from our centres, try to be our own loving parental guidance gently steering our smaller selves back to stillness, seeing the whole of life as a great mystery. If we attempt too hard to make rational sense of it all, then we lose something valuable – the value is partly in the not knowing, in the curiosity of the child who is open-hearted enough to connect to the magic of life. We can all see the world in this way if we choose to, even if we have temporarily forgotten how to. It requires trust in the moment, & when we are able to live in this way, isn’t it an enormous relief? Acting from a place of faith, our egos take a back seat and can enjoy the ride for once. In this state, anything can happen; we know that it will be all right whatever the outcome.


You may wish to put gentle music on in the background.
  1. Sit comfortably, extending your roots into the ground. Make sure your spine is upright & your back supported. Close your eyes and breathe rhythmically.
  2. Put your attention on your heart centre. Breathe gently in & out from this centre.
  3. With each breath, know that your heart is expanding until you are your heart.
  4. Imagine you are losing the sense of your physical body. It is there but more as energy than something defined.
  5. You start to become bigger than your body, larger than the physical you. With each breath, know that you are expanding beyond your body until gradually you fill the room you are in.
  6. Extend beyond the room, out into the garden & pavement, the street, town, city, county, country and eventually the whole world. You are no mind, nowhere, nobody.
  7. Your presence, the energetic you, the real you, fills the entire universe with heart-felt Love. There are no boundaries, there is no beginning and no end, for All is within you. You are omnipresent. You carry the world within you.
When you are ready, connect to the earth through your earth star chakra a few inches below the souls of your feet. You may wish to write down feelings and impressions you received.

In this period of time between this and my last post, our world appears to have become less stable. It seems to me that we must rely on our own inner resources, and those who do not know how to do this should begin to learn. In your heart, you know what is right & what is wrong, and if you are not able to find that place within you, you have simply forgotten who you are due to the de-sensitization from television and the media telling you what to think and do. You have become programmed and it is time to re-programme your subconscious mind and remember your sovereignty. We are all sparks of the Universal Intelligence, whatever name you choose to call it. We are not ‘less than’ as we have been led to believe. This is the era to step into our divinity and own our individuality in all its diverse beauty, for if we play the game of division that is being dangerously encouraged in schools and other public arenas, we are being manipulated by those who do not have our best interests at heart. Particularly in schools where very young children are so impressionable, this is where our programming begins. Children are our future.

Now is the time to retrieve our lost memories. Our soul holds these memories and carries them to the higher realms. Our DNA which has been reduced in the war of light and dark, carries great knowing and power that we must harness & ignite for the sake of humanity. Now is the time to go within & listen to the language of love which is the language of the soul. To know without a shadow of a doubt that our bodies are here fleetingly, that we each have chosen the physical form that we intimately inhabit for this life, we owe it to our body to treat it with extreme care. It is not a separate entity but intricately entwined with our greater eternal selves. Yet many of us have forgotten our sacredness, just as we have forgotten our Earth Mother is a living, pulsing entity that we are completely connected to. We have neglected to be grateful and in a state of grace for our existence, instead taking for granted the very life that pulses through our veins.

It is time to start again, and whether or not we decide to wake up now or after our transition to the next plane, is up to every one of us. When we disconnect from the noise of the outside world, listening to our hearts just for a moment, we have in that moment, the opportunity to hear the truth and to turn our whole world around.


Prayer takes us away from the self to a wider world beyond the physical, even if we don’t know who or what that can possibly mean. Many of us pray to something/someone/anyone who might hear us when we’re in trouble in the hope that we will be heard, that there is something true & right and good that overseas us, and overlooking our lesser selves, hears us when all else has failed, and saves the day just when we need it to. Often this is the only time that we fall into this state of grace, our hearts opening to a greater power. Sometimes prayers are answered, changing for ever relationships with the Divine. Other times it seems to people as though they are forgotten and that somehow their prayers are not heard. Yet I believe all prayers are heard when they come from a place of genuine need. This doesn’t mean that we necessarily get what we want, but it does mean that in our humility we become aware of our limitations, if only for a moment. It may be that what we are asking for isn’t the right thing for us, and possible reasons for this are too numerous to mention. The point is that if we develop a relationship with Source that includes prayer, then we set into motion a sacred wheel of communication.

When I was very small I prayed whole heartedly that my parents would stop arguing & that we could all be happy together. Yet the dis-harmony in our home simply got worse and worse, to the point where years passed, and when they finally parted ways, except for the pain it caused my mother, I no longer cared. Yet from the perspective of my adult self i.e. being someone who has more understanding of the lessons we mapped out for ourselves, I see that my upbringing, as chaotic as it was, was very likely the perfect environment for my soul to develop the empathy & skill set needed for this particular lifetime. Prayers are not spoken to manipulate those around us so that they fit into our lives the way we want them to. When we wish for something to manifest, it’s important to expect the unexpected. Our rational mind doesn’t have the capacity to know what’s really in our best interest as it can only see life from a third dimensional viewpoint, seeing what it needs now rather than the bigger picture which is far more expansive and not limited to the illusion of time.

When prayer comes from a deep place within us, our emotions become engaged, creating a powerful shift in our subconscious mind. But just as the river cannot stop itself cascading around the bend, our spirit must open to the blessing that presents itself in any given moment, and like the rushing water that flows wherever & however it finds itself, so too must we allow our hearts to be the receptors of change, not as we expect or decide it should be, but with a faith that is unwavering. Of course this is an ideal: to live externally in the now moment, is to be accepting of everyone, every thought and every experience, both good and bad. To have that level of faith means to live with absolute belief in the bigger picture, and what a relief to hand over all our fears to something higher than ourselves. Yet how often are we able to do this? All I can say is that it takes practice, and we have to forgive ourselves when we appear to fail. I can’t think of a single person who skims through life unscathed, a flawless model of perfection, though there may be some who like to give this impression, fearful of their vulnerability, lest it weakens them and they crumble.

To pray is to be vulnerable, to admit to not being perfect or knowing all the answers. It’s about emptying ourselves from the inside and saying, “Help me. I don’t know what to do or how on earth to get through this.” To be vulnerable is to have courage, and generally when we are desperate, we lose self-consciousness of how we look or sound. We simply connect authentically which has nothing to do with set prayers from a particular dogma or discipline. Some well known prayers are beautiful but not everyone can relate to them. I remember feeling unsafe in a particular property I was living, and I felt protected by saying the “twenty-third psalm” each night before I fell asleep. Not because I’d been taught that I must repeat it, but because the words resonate with my heart. Some of the pagan prayers are ritualistic & focus on the four directions, four elements and our relationship with the Goddess, the Divine Mother, as opposed to the patriarchal God of the Christian church, or rather the way He has been portrayed over time.

The Lebanese poet and writer, Kahlil Gibran in his book, “The Prophet”, speaks of prayer as a celebration. He writes that if we only pray from a place of lack, we will not be received. He encourages us to re-discover the forgotten place deep inside us, a place that is already abundant. Naturally we cannot always feel this fullness. But the book beautifully illustrates how we can choose to invite love into the different aspects of our every-day lives. Similar to Rumi, the thirteenth century Persian mystic & poet whose poems are so infused with ecstasy in his devotion for the Beloved, that his words leave us not only no room to doubt how completely we are loved by God, but how passionately we can feel this if we dare to. Each poem is really an individual sentiment of reverence for the God that he knows intimately through a life enriched with prayer. Yet his living, breathing dialogue with his God is joyful, playful and magnetic:

Empty the glass of your desire
so that you won’t be disgraced.
Stop looking for someone out there
and begin seeing within.”

Let us celebrate our existence even in the midst of such undeniable disturbance, because to be human is to be part of a tremendous adventure. It is a privilege that is easy to forget in the face of wars, hatred & separation. Now is a good time to pray for our salvation, not from a religious biblical model, but with the fervent hunger that is deserved of being alive on Mother Earth.


I haven’t written anything for a while because I’ve been pretty busy as well as processing the recent events that have affected us all. But these past few days I’ve been hearing my inner voice urging me to write something that might help or inspire people. The subject that keeps drawing my attention is individuality – how important it is to hold on to our unique selves and how vital it is not just to follow the crowd because others are doing so, but to listen inwardly & sense what feels right for you. Your heart will always tell the truth, and if it feels unclear, sit with it until it is clear. I’ve written a lot about the mind. The higher mind is vast and connects us to our hearts & to God (whatever our understanding of this may be). But the rational mind has no concept of feelings and will endeavour to confuse, criticize and destroy what is revealed in the heart, as it is threatened by love, surrender and peace.

When we are fearful, our vibration drops to a very low frequency and we allow ourselves to be governed by this lower aspect of our mind. We can become unconscious and blindly follow the status quo without stopping to question what we are doing, why we are doing it or what the consequences of this could be. This is a dangerous state to be in, as such a disconnection from our heart means that we cut off from our truth & from real emotions, becoming misguided. It doesn’t feel comfortable because it’s not who we really are. Hopefully the discomfort becomes so obvious that we stop and begin to listen: not to the crowd who are doing no better than us, but to the higher aspect of ourselves. If not, then in this kind of extreme state, we completely cut off from our hearts, unable to hear the warning cry coming from deep within. We can become capable of anything because our heart houses our conscience and our consciousness.

At this moment in time on the earth plane, it is crucial to think for ourselves. This is after all the age of Aquarius, which is all about community, healing ourselves and realizing our own power to make decisions. We are no longer in the age of Pisces, an age in which we were happy to hand over our power to an external authority which told us what to do and how to live. So for many it’s a major transitional leap to go from one state of being to another. Being told what to put into our bodies or how to worship the Divine, will not work for us any more. We are being encouraged by an invisible power, to follow our own guidance, to let go of the old structures that are undeniably crumbling (regardless of how long they have been active for) and open our hearts to each other. It takes courage and commitment to decide to live as the essence of who we are, but is this not something we all want to commit to deep inside?

There is no beauty or creativity in being pulled along by what doesn’t make sense, yet so many are; in the vain hope that it will all go away soon, whatever “it” is. Yet there is tremendous creative movement in attuning to our truth & being driven by that. If we know that our behaviour and our choices make good sense to us, then we grow confident in our decisions and it doesn’t matter whether others agree with us or not, for we have thought it through in ways that are noble and justifiable to our individual consciousness. In this clear space there is no room for fear, and no situation that is dictated by fear is a good enough reason to sever our connection with our own intelligence and hand over our authority to an external one. This does not feel good, whether we are doing it for an easy life or because we are in denial. In actual fact, ignoring our intuition never makes for an easy life in the long run.

The age of Aquarius isn’t some wishy washy expression of the new age. Aquarius is ruled by the planet uranus which speaks of revolution, like minded groups, breakthroughs and individuality. It urges us to take responsibility for our lives whilst celebrating our uniqueness. The world is going through the biggest identity crisis any of us have known. We seem to be drowning in uncertainty & lack of direction, and our survival as a species depends on the questions that we dare to ask and the depth of our thoughts behind these questions. The earth is a beautiful planet upon which we are blessed to be able to experience our journeys and for the Divine to know his/herself through us. Let us be worthy of this honour by being all that we can be. If we lose our sovereignty through bypassing our true connection with the God-self within us, then should things go horribly wrong with the future of Mother Earth and our own selves as humanitarian beings, we will only have ourselves to blame. Rumi said, “Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment.” He did not mean to be so overwhelmed that you stop thinking for yourself. His words are about getting out of the ego mind so that we open completely to the mystery of life, allowing life’s wondrous poetry to shine through. We can only do this if we keep our hearts open. He suggests that we invite grace into our lives, and from this humbling viewpoint, witness the world. It is our duty to make sure that we have an ongoing dialogue with our higher minds, our intuition. Without this our life force wanes and we simply become manufactured copies of what others want us to be, shadows of the exquisite life forms that we are all born to be.



  1. Close your eyes & drop deeply into the depth of your being. Do this with your intention.
  2. Breathe gently but fully into your heart.
  3. Call in your true self, allowing her/him to appear however s/he wishes to come to you.
  4. It may be that you haven’t communicated with this beautiful true part of yourself for a long time.
  5. Simply have a conversation with this part of you. Ask what it needs from you on a daily basis.
  6. Listen with all of yourself. The answer may be given now or in the coming hours, days or weeks. Open, allow and trust what you hear & feel.
  7. If tears flow, let them. You may feel emotional but it’s fine if you don’t.
  8. If you have a specific question to ask this true part of you, then ask now. Again allow the answer to come as and when it is ready to.
  9. Now allow your physical self to blend in with your intuitive self in whichever way it happens. It can help to set the intention first.
  10. Know that when you are ready to open your eyes and go about your day or evening, you will have greater clarity, feel more alive and more You than you have perhaps felt for some time.

I suggest doing this every day for a while if you have been feeling lost. But do whatever time allows and whatever feels right. The most important thing is to re-discover your own powerful self, to trust in your own mind and to re-connect with the Light that you are. Each time you repeat a meditation such as this, you train your subconscious mind to lead the way, strengthening the relationship with your soul so that you are free to tread your path with confidence and clear vision.


I want to talk about miracles which I’m sure we have all experienced to some degree. A miracle is when an ordinary situation becomes extraordinary. When the universe reveals to us that anything is possible. It shows us that our egoic minds are limited, our expectations small, our language inadequate in the face of God. The realm of the miraculous takes us to the edge of possibility and far beyond. We know that we are witnessing a miracle when the usual sequence of events is overshadowed by the gift of grace – that rare quality that makes us stand back from ourselves and surrender to something greater.

To be present at the birth of a baby, human or animal, is a humbling moment for anyone. A being emerges from nothing & nowhere that we can see, into the beginning of life. For me it’s beyond words. People pray for miracles all the time – for healing, for reunions with loved ones, for dreams to come true, for all manner of needs, hopes & wishes, and sometimes prayers are answered in mysterious ways that seem to bend natural laws.

I have a friend who, before I knew her, was truly down emotionally, mentally and spiritually. She didn’t have any money to get out of a very strained situation in her life or anybody she trusted to call upon to ask for help. One evening she was walking along the street somewhere in London, when right in front of her twenty pound notes appeared as falling from the sky. This went on for some time until she could hardly believe what she was seeing. There was no-one around except for a homeless man sitting in a doorway, who also saw this happening and was equally astonished. Perhaps the money was as much for him! Who knows exactly what his or my friend’s karma was that was being balanced by this spontaneous and miraculous act? But everything is accounted for which is why things can see, unfair at times. If we believe that there are many lifetimes and that every thought, deed and intention is compensated for down to the tiniest detail, then we cannot decide whether or not someone deserves to receive something, negative or positive. We all judge what we perceive to be just, yet it’s not for us to do so, because nothing is as it seems. We simply don’t know the bigger picture, so all we can do is our best in every given moment.

Synchronicities can be miracles, big & small, presenting in different ways. When I was in my twenties and living briefly in Austin, Texas with an American guy, I performed in a play with a great bunch of people. But being there was a real culture shock for me. I used to watch endless old episodes of the series, “Upstairs Downstairs” which was on U.S. TV at the time, and it added to my homesickness. The director of the play introduced me to an English woman he worked with during the day. She’d married a Mexican doctor there, and she invited me for tea and cucumber sandwiches to bring me a touch of England! She was lovely and it emerged that she had grown up knowing my maternal grandparents in Devon. These kinds of “coincidences” are wonderful & this particular one reminded me of a trip I made to southern India. My mum had recently died but as I had already booked the holiday, I decided to go, though I was grieving and extremely vulnerable. I stayed in a house with other people from the UK which wasn’t what it promised to be, but I kept meeting people who knew friends of mine in Devon (where my mother had grown up), as well as stumbling across a guy called Tim who’d also just lost his mother after he had booked to go to India. So he was feeling as fragile as I was and we were able to support each other, remaining friends for a number of years. I have no doubt that the powers that be worked hard to organize these meetings. I shouldn’t have been in the café where I met him at all that afternoon as I’d taken a trip to a neighbouring city by train, and only because something difficult had taken place where I was, did I decide to return to the original place where I had been staying. I can only imagine how hard our invisible helpers work to arrange situations for us. In the café I overheard the guy asking someone about Amma, a holy woman who has an ashram in that part of India. He was asking where it was & I had been there only a few days prior to this. So I entered into the conversation, giving him the information he needed. We’d both seen her in The UK as she tours the world continually, giving darshan (her blessing).

Amma means mother and she is a representation of the Divine Mother in human form. I don’t know how it will be in current times, but her way of transmitting energy from the higher dimensions, is to hug every person who comes to see her. Because of this she is known as “the hugging saint”. She stays in one place for two or three days, maintaining a clear, strong transmission throughout because she has such a pure connection with Source and knows that she is merely a vessel for Divine Love. It’s interesting to me that the Divine Mother sent a new friend to me at a time I needed understanding, and the two of us felt less alone in a strange unfamiliar landscape. I have had several magical encounters through connections with Amma & I recommend the experience to anybody, as her warmth and radiance bring such joy that you cannot help but feel uplifted, whether alone or with your family, for everyone is welcome. Let us hope that this kind of physical heart to heart comes back beyond our present isolation, for we are reminded when we are in the presence of pure love, that life is really about unity, community and connection. She is well known for her humanitarian work setting up schools, orphanages and other essential centres in India.

A while before this, I felt a strong pull to visit Israel which is where I met the American guy. Whilst I was there, I got a little lost one day and wondered into the wrong quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, where I was suddenly pinned to the ground by a young lad. I literally could not move, was naturally terrified & knew I didn’t stand a chance against his strength. Yet at this moment someone called out and he disappeared in an instant. I’m thankful for that miracle as it could have been a very different ending. As I reminisce, I remember vividly the feeling that emanated from the Wailing Wall in the golden city of Jerusalem. Whatever our belief, the energy that is built up through the power of love, miracles and prayer, is distinctly tangible through the passage of time.

A friend, Theresa was driving to a spiritual seminar with several passengers in her car, when there was a pile-up on the motorway. She became aware of unseen hands taking over the steering wheel. Her car was literally lifted into the air, landing safely back down on the road, all within a split second as if they were somehow removed from linear time. They all experienced this & were dazed, slightly shaken but completely unscathed with not a scratch between them. They had no idea how this could have occurred, only that it was undoubtedly some form of divine intervention. There are numerous accounts like this, where people have seen angels and other worldly beings appearing in time to deliver them to safety. There are entire books dedicated to the healing power of touch. Great teachers and avatars such as Jesus, Buddha, Babaji, Mother Theresa and many many more, carried such a high frequency of light, that people only had to be in their presence to be healed. Today also healers walk the earth , known & unknown, performing what many would describe as miracles.

In the book, “The Course In Miracles”, it says: “Miracles awaken the awareness that the spirit not the body, is the altar of truth. This is the recognition that leads to the healing power of the miracle”. So let us remember who we really are beyond our physical form, for when we are able to detach from the material world, enough to honour it but connect to our vast celestial selves, then we are surely more open to the miraculous truth that transports us from the mundane to the visionary.

IF THERE IS ONE MIRACLE that you would like to see manifest in your life, what would it be?

  • Call in your spirit guides, angels or masters, making it clear what it is that you want to happen or create & open a golden door within your heart. Feel the light emanating out from this door in all directions to infinity.
  • Know that what is truly a desire in your heart deep within your being, sends a profound message to the Divine that magnetizes to you what you wish for.
  • Let go of the need to control how this happens. State that your wish manifests with harm to none and happens for the highest good.
  • Let go and surrender to the magic of the Universe.


“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep”.

The Tempest by William Shakespeare.
We all dream, even those who don’t remember. The dream state is another state of being, which is in my opinion, as real if not more real than our everyday waking consciousness. I’ve always been fascinated by my dreams and have kept a dream journal for countless years, writing down the meanings as revealed to me by the symbols, colours, people and whatever else is important. Dream books can be useful, but the trouble with relying on them is that they can take away from what the detail means to us as individuals. Particular objects & situations mean different things to different people according to who we are, our life experience and our spiritual stage of evolution. In order to understand personal meanings for ourselves, we need to listen to our emotions, dropping into our deeper self known as the subconscious mind. The 20th century psychotherapist, Carl Jung was the forerunner of dreams, synchronicities and the subconscious mind, recognizing that this part of us is invaluable if we want to connect to something beyond our physical body and the denseness of the earth plane. He also suggested that everyone in our dreams represents a part of us, according to how we see that person and what he/she means to us.

There are different types of dreams. Some are Precognitive, meaning that the dream shows us a true event that will take place in the future. This could be something personal or even a global event such as a major transformation or a warning of an inevitable catastrophe. The part of us that is connected to Source sees the energy of that event ahead of our linear time, with an awareness that in our sleep state, reaches out and touches the future. Whenever we are asleep our etheric body can free itself from the physical body & connect to “no time”, “no place”, “nowhere”, because it is only in the confines of our human body in the third dimension where we abide, that we feel stranded in clock time. In truth there is no time, so sleeping can be a little like growing wings and flying to different places, before the day begins again and we keep going on our path as the person we know ourselves to be.

If we want to really know ourselves, we need to notice what our dreams are telling us. It’s one of the best ways of hearing our higher self. It cuts straight through the ego which doesn’t hold our best interests, but it cannot so easily do this when we are awake. Sleep is a letting go of our physical senses and an opening to the treasure chest of our inner world. If we don’t get the message that our subconscious mind is trying to convey to us, it will keep going with either the same dream over & over again, or by a different way round with new symbols, until hopefully we understand. Of course there are the dreams which are full of jumbles fragments from previous days, as if our mind is trying to process things from our life, and these can be less meaningful. But I truly believe that somewhere in every dream, is some degree of communication that could be interesting and helpful for us. The more aliveness we place on the dream state, the more rewarded we will be by the language of dreams, because where we put our attention is where energy flows.

I remember many years ago, I dreamed that my mother (who I hadn’t seen for some time), was lying motionless on the ground in her house. I felt afraid, thinking that she was either seriously ill or dead. I panicked and then she got up and walked out of the room. In the dream I thought that she was being difficult, especially as our relationship was complicated. Yet three months later she died suddenly & unexpectedly. I realized that my dream, which wasn’t obvious to me at the time, was a very clear sign that she was about to leave her body and go into the next world. Her getting up and walking out of the room, signified leaving her physical body behind. It was her etheric body which is identical in appearance but of a much finer, higher vibration, as it does not have the density of the world of matter slowing it down. Nor does it have the inner organs or the physical structure needed to function in the material world. We all have an etheric body whilst on the earth plane, attached to the physical body by a silver cord. When we are ready to transition to the next plane of existence, this cord is broken. You may wonder how I didn’t perceive this at the time as it was so simple & straight forward, but she was relatively young and I just didn’t expect it, so it didn’t occur to me that this was the meaning. In a way her soul chose to let me know when I was in a different state of consciousness – my soul received this message but my human self misinterpreted it.

Some people have the gift of Lucid Dreaming. There are even courses on how to dream in this extremely powerful way. When we lucid dream we know that we are dreaming, and can decide where to go, who to see and what we’d like to happen. We can ask for answers to questions that have been troubling us, ask to see our spirit guides & angels or loved ones who have passed on. (I believe that we have this opportunity anyway, but usually we don’t recall what has taken place). Perhaps if we have issues with forgiveness, this could be the moment to ask for help so that we can let go once and for all and free ourselves from the pain that unforgiveness causes. We can travel to higher planes of consciousness and ask for help with our path in life. It can be an invaluable experience, far beyond the realm of the ordinary dream. It means that we are in the theta brainwave state where our pineal gland is activated and where we can change our reality if we so choose. I would say there is much to be gained from working with this dream state, especially for those of us who are fascinated by the other worlds.

The Native American Indians made circular dream catchers from the bark of willow trees, weaving a pattern like a spider’s web right the way across. Willow is the tree of dreaming and the branches are soft and flexible, so it’s easy to make one. They used to hang feathers along the bottom & would fix a bead, crystal or something meaningful inside it whenever a dream came to fruition, whether it be a manifestation in their waking life or a night-time dream, depending on what the dream catcher was intended for. They had reverence for dreams, story-telling and the imaginative, creative & intuitive part of our brain, as well as deep respect for the natural world. Somehow we have lost this along the way and need to call it back in. It’s the part of us that creates a bridge between the worlds, reminding us that we are so much more than our bodies, thoughts and fears. Our dreams hold the key to our magical selves, and if we have the time and courage to explore them and to trust in their significance, then each one of us has the privilege of walking the earth with sacredness & wonder in our hearts.

The Magic Of Synchronicity

In my work as a psychic/medium, I see all of life reflected back to me and I realize how we all inspire and help one another, and how there is an invisible thread that weaves through our lives connecting us to whom or what we need. My work is not all about prediction, because we create our futures by being truly present in the now and listening to our hearts. When we do this, the signs & messages begin to speak to us which is truly miraculous. It can give us confidence to believe that things do not happen in a random chaotic fashion, but that somehow there is a higher order governed by something greater than we can see with our human eyes or understand with our thinking minds. The Universe is always communicating with us: in images, dreams, songs, in the words that people use, in our thoughts when we have space in our minds to receive them and in a myriad of other ways. The more open we are to receive guidance, the greater our capacity to co-create our lives with the Divine. Sometimes we are too absorbed in our own fears to realize that we are loved even when we cannot see it.

Many years ago, I wanted to do a residential healing retreat in Dorset with a well known healer. I felt trapped in a bad relationship, and though I was even then, helping others with their lives by giving psychic/tarot readings, it was difficult to see a way out for myself. I decided that the retreat was too expensive, yet somewhere inside, I knew it was exactly what I needed. I even told a client about it, feeling it was what she needed , telling her that they had bursaries for those who had no money. She decided to go for it, urging me to do the same and saying that if she could apply for some kind of bursary, well why couldn’t I? And this really shows how blocked I was feeling, that somehow I had taken myself out of the equation! When I mentioned the place and which tutors went there, it emerged that this was the third time recently this healer’s name had been given to her. So some kind of magic was already moving in a new direction.

I decided to meditate on the situation & I asked to be shown the right thing to do. I consciously stepped back out of my own way so that I would be able to receive the impressions from Spirit and I prayed for any fears to be lifted and for help to be given so that my path could be clearer to me. Whilst I was in this state of mind, mulling over the possibilities but still worried about money (subconsciously the fears were about change), I was alone one evening in the flat I shared with my partner. suddenly a little blue tit flew into the living room through the open window! It flapped against the closed windows in a desperate bid to escape, not seeing the very window it had flown in by. It was a nerve wracking moment, with me willing the bird to fly out, the bird becoming more & more frustrated and afraid, even flying up to the ceiling light and back to the various windows. I was concerned that it would damage itself and decided to get help from a neighbour. We eventually managed to usher it out with a tea-towel, and it was a relief to see the beautiful creature flying to freedom far away into the sky.

The very next morning when I got up after my partner had gone to work, I pulled up the blinds in the living room to find the little blue tit on the balcony floor on its back. I knew immediately without a shadow of a doubt that this was a message of awakening for me and that the bird had come to show me how badly I needed to change my life. I knew because the sight of this beautiful bird dead on the ground, felt like an arrow piercing the depth of my being. I didn’t want to acknowledge it but in that moment I had to. I had to commit to the healing seminar and when we commit to something completely, the money comes or the situation arranges itself to enable us to do what we need for our highest good. It means we are trusting in the Universal Law that says if we connect to the energy of abundance, then that is the energy that grows. However if we connect to the energy of lack, then of course that is the energy that expands instead. I decided then & there to do the seminar which ultimately led to my leaving the relationship. It was a real turning point for me on my spiritual path and in my career, because it led to other courses & deeper understandings for my soul to work with. The little bird’s death was symbolic of my soul which needed to be free. If I didn’t release myself now, I would be in trouble; something I knew but was ignoring up to that point. A part of me needed to die so that a new chapter could begin. My spirituality was threatening to the man I was with & I was allowing myself to be held back. It even occurred to me that the bird was my spirit guide showing up in a form that could help me, revealing to me that the window was open – nobody was keeping me there but myself.

Whether or not you believe in spirit guides, power animals or are uncertain what to believe at all, this was for me a very powerful message which thankfully woke me up and from which emerged a series of synchronicities that put me on a very clear path, changing the course of my life. Incidentally the seminar, which my client and I went to together, was in itself truly liberating! Change is never easy and the ego will resist until we have no choice but to surrender. Our hearts have the answers we seek. All we have to do is listen.

Listening to the Whisperings From Your Soul

If you find yourself in a crisis or are worried about something & at a loss as to what to do, then these simple steps can transform the energy so that the way forward becomes clear. Set aside about 15 minutes & unplug phones or anything else that could disturb you:

  1. Acceptance

    First of all you have to realize you are stuck & this can be a big relief. When you accept that you are unhappy with a situation, you stop resisting and it is wise to remember that what you resist persists. Whatever the situation is, breathe into the pain or confusion. The very act of consciously breathing starts to calm the mind, until gradually it is more at peace. Don’t worry if you still feel muddled or uncertain as it takes a bit of time to make the transition. The very act of paying attention to the problem & how you feel, creates the beginnings of change.

  2. Open Yourself to the Higher Mind.

    Consciously step out of your own way simply by stating that this is your intention. This way you start to take back a degree of control. You are also letting go of the smaller self which is your ego. The ego is necessary for you to get up in the morning, go through the day & it gives us our human sense of self. But our ego minds can take over and then they become negative and limiting; they will always find reasons to remain in fear or not to believe in ourselves. Once you let go of the smaller mind, there is space for the higher mind to communicate to you. Now simply open your heart to your Higher Self. This is your soul which is who you really are and unlike the ego, serves your best interests. Ask for help from a guide or angel if you like; it doesn’t matter if you don’t know who they are. In doing this you are opening yourself to something better. The smaller mind may well try to get in the way, so if you find doubts and fears creeping in, just notice them and then lovingly let them go. Sometimes people find it easier to focus on the breath or on a word such as “Aum”, “Love” or “Peace”. Or you may wish to have a beautiful piece of music on in the background. These help to neutralize the mind.

  3. Receiving the Answer.

    The next step is to receive impressions that may come in the form of pictures, colours, words, sounds or feelings. Please do not question what comes as this will reconnect you to your thinking mind which is what you don’t want. You may not immediately understand them yet and you actually may not receive anything at this time. That’s perfectly okay. The answers can come later on during the course of the day or coming weeks and they can be received in your dreams. The thing is not to put pressure on yourself to know right now. Trust that you will know but the answers will come in their own time. This is a creative process and the higher mind or intuitive mind works in images, symbols and feelings. So start to trust what you feel. It will not necessarily make rational sense, so try to be patient with yourself as this will help the process to unfold for you. Sometimes I find it helpful to say an affirmation that states what I want or how I want to feel. An example could be, “I am now in my perfect job/relationship/home” or “I am perfect health” or “I now have the finances to fund the course I wish to do”, or simply, “I have perfect clarity.” You can say this over & over out loud or inwardly after the meditation as you go about your day, whenever you think of it or before you go to sleep at night, remembering to feel the feelings this result will bring. Always keep the affirmation in the present tense as if it is already happening.
You may wish to do this process a few times, but each time you do it you are impressing upon your higher mind what it is you want and expect, plus you will develop the practice of listening to the inner voice. When we become accustomed to doing this, we understand that however bleak or impossible the situation is, there is a way through the darkness and we are never really alone.


True power is invisible. It is the essence of all life and we are not separate from it but are a part of it. When I meditate, if I need to hear my spirit helpers or the part of myself that is connected to Source, I move the smaller me out of the way to allow my soul to speak to me through symbols & feelings. I open to the power that moves through everything so that it touches my awareness to the point that I am blending my energy with the energy of my spirit guides or higher beings from the world unseen. This should always feel positive, uplifting, gentle & loving. Intention is really important because once we put out a clear intent, we move the energy in the direction of whatever that may be. For example, “I open myself to blend with my spirit guides to receive the information I need for the highest good”. It could be like a prayer, or simply, “I open to the light of God/Christ/Buddha/Mother Mary/Archangel Michael” or whoever you personally wish to connect with. This creates a direct link that lifts your vibration from the earthly realm.

Of course we are human beings, but our essence is beyond the earth plane. It’s important when doing any spiritual work, to have a strong connection to the earth. Again you can direct your mind towards your root chakra at the base of your spine, sending energy from your base into the earth deep down beneath the ground. It can help to visualize actual roots like the roots of a tree. Traditionally the colour of this chakra is red which is the colour that symbolizes our life force. Once you feel plugged into the earth, you can slowly and steadily breathe that life force up into your base chakra & right the way up through the core of your being, filling yourself with the strength from Mother Earth as though you are charging yourself with her energy with each breath you take. Then you can start to open to something higher and you won’t feel disconnected from your physical body.

Our body is susceptible to fragility, illness and ultimately decay, so we must look after it with tenderness and love during its brief sojourn on the planet. After all it is the vehicle through which our spirit, which is infinite, finds expression. Although at the moment there is much panic & fear regarding our mortality, we can also understand beyond these feelings, that there is a soul which is whole and perfect in its wisdom & connection to Source. If we can raise our awareness to a place beyond the density of the earth, even for a few moments, we will feel a relief from so much pain. The more pulled down into the material world we are with its suffering, greed, disease, fear & hopelessness, the less able we are to help ourselves, let alone anybody else. It’s important to care and to be conscious of what is truly going on. But then we can choose where to put our attention. We have free will and this is the power we have been given whilst in human form. To focus endlessly on illness and potential illness, is to energize it and this is irresponsible. Yet if we think about what we want for ourselves, our loved ones and the planet, if we visualize them in a state of wellness, this is more helpful, more calming for the mind, emotions & much more beneficial for everyone. Only then is our body able to be the temple for the Divine that it was intended to be.

I believe that there is an abundance of light being sent to our planet right now from the higher dimensions, for undoubtedly we are in a time of major transition. Never has it been more important to connect with that light, to absorb it & be aware of our thoughts in each present moment as often as we are able to. We’ve all heard the saying, “The darkest hour is before the dawn”. In the current climate it seems as if things couldn’t get worse. Yet we can all choose to turn it around, to trust in and most of all to energize the light rather than the darkness. We owe it to ourselves and to humanity to lift up our hearts and believe in our own power to transform our world. As Gandhi famously said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.

We create our reality based on our beliefs and actions, so somehow we must have collectively created the situation in which we find ourselves. Surely then we can create a completely different reality – a world where we are conscious co-creators rather than victims, a world based on community, compassion and unity. Is this not a more natural expression of our divinity and the way it was always meant to be? We are all at different levels of our evolution, all on our own unique journey and I believe all intrinsically good inside. But we are explorers, adventurers and invariably go off track in our curiosity & experimentation to find out who we truly are. Whatever our particular character, purpose or beliefs, when we peel away the layers of pain, distortions and unrest, we find that we are simply Love. Love is the highest vibration and leads us, if we allow it, to our deepest truth which is that we all have it in us to heal ourselves and become beacons of light. It doesn’t matter which spiritual path we follow, for it is our right to choose the road that suits us as long as it causes no harm to others. But let us remember that the power that speaks to us through sunshine, moonlight, hurricanes & tsunamis, also speaks through us, each one of us, every moment we are alive, and it is essential that we take responsibility for that power and use it wisely.

I invite you to do the following meditation

  • Sit comfortably with your spine straight either on a chair or seated on a cushion on the ground, or if this is difficult, lying down. You can imagine roots at the base of your spine or beneath the souls of your feet, connecting down into the earth.
  • Take a few deep breaths, letting go of the outside world.
  • Place your awareness on your heart centre. Visualize an emerald green vortex of light in this centre.
  • Allow this vortex of light to become bigger and bigger as you gently breathe into it, until it fills your entire body. You are this spinning vortex of emerald green light.
  • You may feel an expanded sense of self as if you have become your vaster self. Just allow this to be so.
  • Become aware of a bright light in front of you. With your inner eye you “see” the light evolving into the form of a person.
  • Gradually you become aware that the form is you as your wise self. Perhaps you look older or maybe you seem clearer, brighter and more joyful.
  • Your wise elder self looks lovingly into your eyes and invites you to look into hers/his. As you do this, you feel an overwhelming peace permeating your being. You know that all will be well.
  • Your wise self is the true witness of your life & of you as the person living your life. Ask him/her to remind you of your true power and how you can bring that into your present situation, whatever you are going through in your life right now. Do not search for the answer but pause to absorb this moment and trust that the answer will come at the perfect time & in the perfect way.
  • After a while your wise self is absorbed back into the light. With your intention, invite the light into your heart and feel the energy spreading out until you are filled with and surrounded by this beautiful light.
  • You have called in and integrated your powerful eternal self into your human consciousness. This will be a part of you eternally as it always has been . Now you can call upon it when you need courage, strength and wisdom or simply when you need to remember the Power within you.
  • When you are ready, feel the ground beneath you, move your fingers and toes and open your eyes.

Harnessing The Power Of The Mind

Hello everyone, I am writing to you in the midst of tremendous crisis in the world, in the hope that I can inspire you to know how powerful you are.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the paradigm of fear that is sweeping the planet.  But I would like to invite you to stand back from these emotions for a moment and breathe into the depth of your being.  You are so much more than your thoughts, your body and & your fears and it takes courage to step away from the collective mind-set and dare to be different.  We are all interconnected energetically & therefore we feel each other’s feelings and pick up on people’s situations all the time, because our hearts can hear their joys and sorrows.  We are multi-faceted, multi-dimensional beings with an amazing capacity to love.  Yet when we are fearful, we automatically lose our connection to love because the lower emotions shut us down, forcing the body to go into fight or flight survival mode, which is helpful if we are being chased by a wild animal or violent predator, but unhelpful if we want to keep our hearts open and live creatively.  Understandably the population feels threatened by something real & unpredictable, which renders us helpless if we let it.  Yet there is another way.  We don’t have control over the outside world, but we do have control over our inner state if we choose to discipline the mind by training it to stay in the now.  There are many techniques to purify the quality of your thoughts which take practice and patience;  you could see it as polishing the facets of a diamond:  when it gleams in the light, you know it’s all been worth it.  


  • Sit comfortably and gaze softly at an object such as a candle flame, crystal or flower. (Try not to blink). Do this for one minute.
  • Over time build up to five minutes or as long as your able to.
  • This begins to focus your mind. For however long you do this, your mind is under your control, rather than pulling you in different directions like a butterfly.
When you practice reigning in your wild, impulsive mind, you will be able to drop more easily into stillness. As you continue gaining mastery over your mind, you will start to manifest things in your life that you really desire. Every thought, word & action you have taken has led you precisely to where you are right now. The more conscious your thinking, the vaster your potential to do great things. We all have that chance however humble our beginnings. Taking full responsibility for our lives makes us see that there are no accidents and we can understand the power we carry within us.

I recently read a true story about a woman who trained a sparrow-hawk. It fascinated me and I was thinking a lot about it. During the course of that week, hawks kept appearing in different situations: on the TV, in the woods, in conversations, at the vet’s (which was unusual), and on the tube in London I saw a work colleague from twenty-seven years ago whose sir-name contained the word “hawk”! These incidents may seem insignificant which in themselves they are. Yet it brought home to me not only how connected we all are, but how quickly and precisely the Universe responds to our thoughts.

Suppose you felt tired, depressed and lacking vital life force, you could repeat an affirmation that states the feeling you want to generate, such as, “I see beauty” or “Life is beautiful”. The more you say it, the more you feel it until after a while it becomes your reality because you start to resonate with the energy of beauty. Or you may choose, “I am perfect vitality”, which connects you to the life force you were lacking. The art is to find a way of feeling the sentiment in your body so that it isn’t stuck in your head as a concept. It can help to remember a time when you did have these feelings. There is no time as we know it in Spirit, so it doesn’t matter how far back in your memory you go. The act of saying, “I am ……” with the emotion, creates the vibration of being that feeling or having what you want already. The Universe, being like a mirror or a magnet, mirrors back to you or magnetizes to you, the sum total of all your thoughts, conscious & unconscious.

At the moment, what is happening on the earth plane is unrecognizable to us. So it’s important for us to get conscious, to have vision and a clear intention. When you don’t know what that is, the key is to surrender the need to know. I call it “getting out of my own way”. As a psychic/medium, I need to do this to access information for my clients. When I let go of the need for it to be my way, I simply AM. I am in the present and present time is all there ever is – I am connected to the quantum field where all potentialities are possible.

  • THINK OF A SITUATION which may be worrying you and resolve to let go of the need to know what to do. Literally allow yourself to be in the place of “not knowing”.
  • Breathe into that situation and realize it’s OK. The more acceptance you have that this is how it is right now, whatever it may be, the bigger the space you are creating for allowing the answer to come in. I call it “the allowing space” and it is in this emptiness that receptivity occurs.
  • Expect the unexpected because Higher Intelligence is infinitely wiser than we are as our limited selves & shows us all things are possible.
  • Keep breathing calmly as this prevents panic from over-shadowing your peace.
  • When you are ready, go about your day. Endeavour to trust that you are being helped.
Remember that stillness invites presence, presence opens to the invisible power that runs through all things, true power is Universal Life Force, or as the American Indians named it, Great Spirit (whatever your understanding of that may be) and this unseen force has a divine order that, as we surrender our smaller selves, speaks to our higher minds. But we must be willing to have faith in the unknown. It helps to make space for this every day if possible. One of my teachers says that when we meditate, pray or do any spiritual practice at the same time and on the same day, angels will gather, because it is a commitment to the spirit of who we truly are and to those in Spirit who are always with us such as spirit guides. Universal Law states that where attention is placed, energy flows. So it must be a universal truth then, that each time we show up in our quiet place, whether it be an altar in our home or out in nature, energy builds and the angels multiply.